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Personal Training

Ideal for busy mums and business women looking to lose weight, get fitter and feel happier. Personal training is ideal if you struggle with motivation and don't have much time for fitness. Based in our studio in Newcastle or direct to your home. Register for our January Special Offer by clicking on the image above.

Women's Fitness Classes in Newcastle

Women's fitness in Newcastle. * Strength and Tone * Kettlebells * Bounce Blast! * Circuits * Boxing Fit Monthly membership or 'pay as you go' but NO joining fee or contracts. Take a look, then have a think or drop in for a look and a chat.

Women's Strength and Tone Programme

Many women I talk to say they feel intimidated walking into a traditional gym. Because they are often dominated by muscly men intent on hogging the equipment and making it an uncomfortable place for women to lift weights. So we're providing a strength and tone training programme just for women set in an environment that is safe, friendly and supportive. * Look and feel great * Be confident in the clothes they wear * Look more shapely and toned * Feel fitter around their kids and family * Have more energy Just click on the image to find out more.

Success Stories

Read about the women who have completed our programmes and their successes. Real women who get real results. You could be next - just click on the picture above.

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