Are You A Woman Over 40?

You can change your life by:

  • Getting STRONGER and FITTER
  • Being PROUD of your body
  • Eating REAL quality food without the guilt
  • Having MORE energy
  • Sleeping BETTER and being more relaxed


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Ladies, if you would like to change your life and achieve any of the above benefits, why not trust me to free up your time and energy so that you can enjoy life again and be the woman you really want to be?

Forget long, tedious treadmill workouts in the gym…learn how to get the shape you want with time-efficient workouts, ideal for a busy lifestyle.

Body and Mind Fitness Company presents…

The 1-Week Online Challenge

I’m bringing you a week of workouts and a meal plan absolutely FREE.

  • A complete daily workout in ONLY 12 minutes
  • Eat clean, nutritious meals without the need to diet
  • See a positive difference in JUST 7 days
  • No equipment needed


These are GENUINE comments from women who have experienced my methods (ALL can be verified):

  • “It’s the variety in exercise I love and the girls and of course Paul’s enthusiasm, which keeps me coming back for more.”
  • “There is no way on earth I would have worn a bikini over the last ten years but I’m doing it right now and feel great.”
  • “I know my weight, physique and overall health are better.”
  • “I’ve lost 10cm from my waist.”
  • “I feel so much better, much more toned now.”
  • “I have loads more energy.”

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