Month: January 2013

And You Think Your Daily Bread Is Healthy

(The views expressed in this blog post are purely my own and are not copied from another source). OK, I ate a sandwich the other day – don’t tell me off! I don’t tend to eat many sandwiches these days. However, it was a banana sandwich so that was healthy, right? Especially as it was […]

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Ladies: So You Want To Lose Weight?

(The comments and views in this post are my own and not copied in any way, shape or form.) January is a classic time to start a new health and fitness regime but the problem is that you get inundated with the latest fad diets, the fantastic ‘no joining fee’ offer from the local gym […]

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50 Shocking facts about diet and exercise; Channel 5

After watching this programme, the instant reaction of a lot of people was that of sensationalism and scaremongering by the documentary contributors. However, most of it (if not all) was not to scare you but to educate you in what you are eating, drinking, breathing etc. This is my take on the programme – I’ve […]

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