Month: March 2013

I Don’t Have Time To Exercise

I hear this expression a lot and from a lot of people. It is the most common reason people give to avoid exercise. These are real comments I’ve heard: “I’m too busy to exercise with all the family commitments I have.” “I work long hours so how can I fit exercise into my working day?” […]

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Estrogens – What Every Woman Should Know

Estrogens (also called Oestrogens) are steroid compounds that are important for development and functioning of females of the species. They are named so because they play an important role in the estrous cycle. Their name comes from estrus/oistros (period of fertility for female mammals) + gen/gonos = to generate. Estrogens are responsible for guiding development […]

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It’s All About You and the Results You Can Achieve

You may have picked up by now that I work with women over 25. I’ve been a fitness professional for over 18 years now, running my own business for the last 3 years. I decided to work with women over 25 as 99% of my client base fitted that market anyway so it made sense […]

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