Month: October 2013

Your Weight Loss Journey

This is my partner, Awne Emmerson who has been on a massive weight loss journey. I’ve only known Awne 6 months so this goes back before my time but I want to represent her journey on my blog so that all women can take inspiration from her story. To summarise, she says, “I changed because […]

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12 Minutes v The Treadmill For Weight Loss-The Shocking Winner

You want weight loss? Is this you? You head off to the gym, grab your workout card and step onto the treadmill. You are advised (by the gym instructor) that you need to work in your ‘aerobic’ zone. The what zone?? The ‘aerobic’ zone – it has a little diagram on the treadmill, something like […]

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Ladies, Kickstart Your Health Today

Every now and again, we could all do with a detox for the good of our health. Why? Well, we build up toxins in the body from unhealthy food choices, especially in the form of the dreaded white stuff. I’m talking about sugar of course. Sugar has similar effects of drugs – a higher dose […]

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