Month: November 2013

The Benefits Of Exercise

Quite simply, exercise is great for you, not just good. In fact, so much so that here are the benefits I can think of right now: Improves your wellbeing (psychologically and physiologically) Improves your blood pressure Improves your fat oxidation (you burn body fat more efficiently) Reduces your risk of cardiovascular heart disease Increases your […]

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Brussels Sprouts – Do you love them or hate them?

Here’s a question I posted on Facebook recently: “Tis the season for sprouts! One of my favourite vegetables. Do you love or hate them?” Surprisingly, around 75% of answers were pro-sprout and only 25% against the blighters! I think it depends what you do with them – apart from grabbing three and juggling with them! […]

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How To Build Trust

It’s Friday morning and I’m working from home. The phone rings. I answer but there is silence – at least for a few seconds. Then on comes a voice and it’s straight into “Hello Mr Edgar, how are you? Have you considered installing new windows recently or maybe your kitchen is falling apart and you […]

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Ladies, Stay Healthy This Christmas BUT Still Indulge

Hi ladies, remember remember 5th November!! Why? Maybe because it’s only 7 weeks to Christmas and it’s the start of the panic season! What do I mean by the panic season? Well, panic about what to buy for presents, who to buy for, how much food are you going to need, will you fit into […]

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