Monthly Archives: January 2014

Squats are GREAT for your thighs and buttocks


Squats! Ha, what an introduction to a blog post! Don’t you just LOVE squats – well, maybe not the actual squat itself BUT the results?! What do squats actually do? Well, do them regularly and you will start to notice a difference. The squat works your thighs, buttocks and a few other leg muscles, meaning [...]

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Busy, busy, busy…all you need is 12 minutes!

No time to exercise

Are you busy? I know I am. In fact, most of us are busy in today’s world. Isn’t being busy good? Not when it comes to your exercise habits. You see, if you are BUSY, then you don’t have TIME to exercise. Do you ever say: “Oh, I haven’t got any time to exercise, I’m [...]

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Can you believe it, my mother is on a diet?!


My mother is into her 70s now and she is fit and I’d say healthy, apart from the odd niggle here and there. BUT she still talks about losing weight. Maybe women go through their entire lives talking about losing weight. Is that true? Anyway, back to my mother…she still wants to shed a few [...]

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Don’t give up on your fitness…be one of the 5% NOT one of the 95%


Don’t give up! With ANY fitness programme, you HAVE to keep going. You have to keep going for at least 21 times and THEN it becomes a habit. It’s all too easy to find excuses not to exercise – maybe you think it’s just too difficult, it hurts, it’s lonely, you have no motivation. You [...]

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The Benefits Of Training With Likeminded Women

Group photo

I’m sure you know by now that I’m a Personal and Group Fitness Trainer – I hope so anyway! However, I’m not your normal trainer, which is why I don’t try to sell you stuff all of the time or instruct you to come to my bootcamp (I don’t run bootcamps by the way!) or [...]

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