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The ‘Before’ and ‘After’ Photo – It could be you!

Nicky Gray Photo

This is Nicky and I just want to share this because it makes everything I do worthwhile. This is the reason I do what I do, helping women achieve their health and fitness goals. “I wouldn’t normally share this pic but I’m very proud that in five weeks I can see a big change. Thanks [...]

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Won’t eating after 7pm make me fat?

after 7pm

I’ve heard this phrase a lot and sometimes from the same people. You see, the Internet is great for many things – I mean, if I want to know how tall a Mongoose is at shoulder level, I can ‘Google it’! Eh, voila, the answer is there within 0.23 seconds! But the Internet can also [...]

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Do you want THIS type of body this summer?


It’s Spring again!!! That means summer is just around the corner. What does summer mean to you? Sunbathing on the beach? Spending more time with your kids, family and friends? A long-awaited holiday? Whatever it means to you, there is one thing in common – your health and fitness! When you sunbathe on the beach, [...]

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Seriously, AVOID these 3 foods to stay healthy


You know what’s it like when you’re busy – healthy eating can go out of the window. You get up in the morning, after pressing the snooze button 4 times, and are in a rush. The kids need feeding, you need to shower, you have to iron your work clothes and so on. You get [...]

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What should a woman over 40 eat to stay healthy? My top 5 foods inside…

Avocado 2

You’re a woman and over 40 right? Well I hope so as you’ll know when you look at my blog posts and website that I work with women just like you. I’m over 40 too but obviously I’m a man! But we share similar concerns – we want to stay strong, fit and healthy for [...]

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