Monthly Archives: April 2014

How I lost weight at the car boot sale…

car boot sale

The good old car boot sale – it’s a great way to lose weight isn’t it?! “LOSE weight?? But what about the burger vans and the cup cake stalls, Paul?” Well, yes, you may have a point there! But I’m not tempted by those – in fact, the smell puts me off food full stop. [...]

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A SPECIAL gift just for you…


Today, I’ll keep it short and sweet! As a thank you for staying with me and for reading my blog posts (you DO read my posts, don’t you?!), I’m giving you the opportunity to train with me for a whole week. That’s right, you can come along to any (or all) of my group classes [...]

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The SECRET way to shed your body fat…

body fat

You want to lose body fat, right? I know I do. Even though my body fat is quite low, I still have some I want to lose. I’m guessing it’s the same for you? You feel like you’re never at your ideal weight and you could lose an inch or two around your waist and [...]

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Are Easter eggs good for your health?

easter eggs

Did you enjoy Easter? It’s a great family occasion, whatever your beliefs. It’s a time when friends and families get together, enjoy food together and of course, that includes the good-old Easter egg! How many Easter eggs did you get? As a kid, I used to get 7 or 8 eggs but they were usually [...]

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How spilling tuna juice on my top got me thinking…


Easter Bank Holiday Monday…I got all dressed up – well, clean jeans and a nice, fresh t-shirt. I’d even shaved! Awne (my partner) and I were planning a trip to the beach – well, the sun was shining so it seemed a shame to waste the opportunity. I was just about to leave the house [...]

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