Monthly Archives: June 2014

You shouldn’t even give this to a duck…


I walk a lot, mainly because there are 2 large Greyhounds to keep active! I live next to Saltwell Park in Gateshead, which is an ideal location mainly because Gateshead Council maintain the park very well and there are many pathways to stroll along. If you haven’t been there before, I would recommend a visit. [...]

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What do you think of my new fitness idea?

warehouse classes image

In any business, you have to keep moving forward and trying your best to provide a great service for your customers. So, it’s time for me to start providing a better service for you. When I say better, I mean even better results, better facilities, more choice of classes, an online fitness programme and more. [...]

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It’s no good having chicken dinners every night…

Sweet Potato Shepherds Pie-5

Do you ever struggle to come up with ideas for main meals? It’s especially difficult when you have a family to feed and you have to please everyone! Daughter 1 doesn’t like peas, daughter 2 doesn’t like potatoes, son 1 doesn’t like broccoli!!! I know you want to stay healthy and want to eat the [...]

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I need your help…here’s the feedback


Well I asked for your help and you didn’t disappoint. I received lots of feedback from my blog post ‘I need you help…’ and you gave me lots of suggestions for future blog posts. The purpose, of course, is for me to help you as much as I can. I realise there is a lot [...]

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Did you ask for Chunky KitKats?

chunky kitkats

I know many of us have a habit of eating unhealthy snacks – based on the feedback I received. Plus I know I can reach for the biscuit tin now and again! What usually happens is you snack either out of boredom or because your brain ‘thinks’ it is hungry so you reach for what [...]

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