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Has Katie Hopkins gone soft?

Katie Hopkins

Katie Hopkins – you know her don’t you? She’s the woman from The Apprentice who is now famed for her ‘acid tongue’, having a go at all in her path. But she recently came across as caring and compassionate when she appeared on This Morning alongside Christina Briggs – the 25-stone mother who has called [...]

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Why not join likeminded women to get fit?


I’m sure you know by now that I’m a Personal and Group Fitness Trainer – I hope so anyway! However, I’m not your normal trainer, which is why I don’t try to sell you stuff all of the time or instruct you to come to my bootcamp (I don’t run bootcamps by the way!) or [...]

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Never ask a woman her age!!


It’s a sensitive subject but it’s something that all of us have to deal with. Even as I write this, I’ve aged a little! It’s so true what my mother told me when I was a child. She said “Once you hit 18, time will fly.” Wow, she was spot on. I’m 47 now and [...]

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Imagine having these 20 health improvements…

benefits of exercise

I know you and I know that if I said to you, “I can give you the secret so that you will get 20 benefits to your health”, you would sit up and listen (see what I did there – sit up!). [Disclaimer: I do not endorse doing sit ups!!] I mean, 20 health benefits? [...]

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Lose 25lbs in 30 days!

false weight loss claims

That’s right, your eyes weren’t deceiving you – you could lose 25lbs in just 30 days! That’s almost 2 stone just in weight alone and who knows how much body fat you’ll lose and all of the health benefits you’ll gain. Is this advice coming from me? Of course not… It’s on the cover of [...]

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