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I’m over 30 so does that mean I’m too old to be healthy?

30 over the hill

When you reach 30, you just get old and crotchety and it’s all downhill from then on! Well, that’s what my mother reckons!! Or was it 40? I’m 47 so I may as well book my hospital bed now so the doctors can take care of me when I’m broken! Actually I’m 47 ½! Do [...]

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Eat biscuits and still lose weight?


We all have weaknesses – don’t we?! Being a Personal Trainer, it’s probably not the best thing to admit my weaknesses! BUT… I’m a real person, not a robot so of course I have my weaknesses. A lot of people in my profession wouldn’t admit to any misdemeanours – they are just perfect role models. [...]

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The results are in…Losing weight is still your number one issue!

losing weight

Last week, I sent out a survey and the response was great. Thank you to those who responded – if it weren’t for you then I’d never know what you want me to provide. The results were very interesting – here they are by percentages. Some questions had more than one answer, hence the larger [...]

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Would you buy from these guys?

Every now and then I do my parents a favour. Well, it’s only fair as they brought me up to be a very nice, intelligent person, ha! It’s generally my mother who asks for the favours as she’s the talkative one! Anyway, as they don’t own a computer (yet), she asked me to bring my [...]

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Are you a ‘Yo-Yo’ Dieter?

fed up of diets

Diets are great for weight loss, aren’t they? I mean, who doesn’t want to lose a stone in a week? Plus, there are many diets on the market so your choice is almost endless. You hear of low-fat, low-carb, cabbage soup, Atkins, Dukan, blah-blah diet etc! Wow, how confusing must it be to choose the [...]

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