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Is it toned thighs you’re after? Here’s the secret…


If someone (you can trust) told you that by doing one thing in life would guarantee a great result, would you do that thing? I’m not just talking about a physical result; it could be mental, spiritual or emotional. But I’m sure, because you trusted that person; you would listen and act on their suggestion. [...]

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Can food really heal you?


Am I right in thinking that when you are ill, you call your doctor? Maybe it depends what the condition actually is but if it’s more than a cold, you tend to call or visit your local surgery. Now I do think the NHS is good for certain things – emergency care, walk-in centres for [...]

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Have you ever been on a diet?

Keep Calm No Diet

Have you ever been on a diet? Am I right in thinking that 99% of women have at some point in their life? What’s the main reason for it? Are you worried about your health? Do you want to look slimmer? Do you want to feel better? It could be a combination of many things [...]

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UK sees rise in weight loss surgery

bariatric surgery

This is a very sensitive subject today as there is a lot of stigma attached when people decide to have surgery to lose weight. Why? Well I guess there are people who have their opinions on why those who choose to have the surgery haven’t done something about their weight through diet and exercise. However, [...]

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Eat these 7 things and you’re asking for trouble…


Preservatives, colours, gelling agents, sweeteners, flavourings, emulsifiers, anti-caking agents. A pretty impressive list, eh? How about KitKats, Bisto gravy, Birds’ Eye curry, Heinz Ketchup? Are they more familiar? But what are they and why am I mentioning them? Well, you’re probably eating most (if not all) of them in your diet! Do you even know [...]

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