Monthly Archives: February 2015

Would you eat a Big Mac in Amsterdam?

big mac 2

The Big Mac – what does that mean to you? Does it conjure up some juicy, succulent steak wrapped in a wholesome, healthy bread roll? Washed down with a sparkling, flavoursome cola drink? Hmmm, the jury is out on that one! What if you had the chance to visit Amsterdam? A vibrant city with many [...]

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Have you seen these fantastic results?

Fiona D Before and After

Recently I’ve been persuaded to show ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos of some of the women doing my weight training programmes. I say persuaded because I’ve never been a fan of these type of photos. Why? Well, looking at other websites and some of their photos, I’m certain they are ‘tampered with’! You know, the ‘after’ [...]

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Would you like a back massage at work?


A couple of people have told me recently that they didn’t realise I did massage. They haven’t seen anything on my website or social media about it. It’s something I don’t really advertise but I am a qualified Massage Therapist and have been for a long time now. I’m qualified to teach Sports Massage, Body [...]

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Weight training for women is the future…

weight training for women 10

You’ve probably heard me mention this recently. Weight training for women is the future! When Peter Kay said that garlic bread was the future in one of his shows, nobody believed him!! Just look how many people enjoy garlic bread now! So, this is my prediction… In the near future, women’s weight training will overtake [...]

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50 Shades…What’s next for the women of our nation?!

50 Shades

Last weekend was a little bit special for many women. It was the weekend many women across the land had been waiting a long time for. It was eagerly anticipated. No, I’m not talking about the Six Nations rugby!! Of course, I’m talking about 50 Shades!!! I’ve heard different reports about it – some women [...]

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