Month: July 2015

Eating more of this food could boost your health…

Do you like honey? It has been described as “liquid gold” by many people because of its many health properties. Yes, you also get the people who say you should avoid it because it’s basically sugar! These are the same people who tell you not to eat fats and consume a low-fat diet! Talking of […]

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You won’t find lots of grunting going on here!!

In a typical gym, you may hear lots of grunting and see lots of sweating! I would usually describe those gyms as ‘A man’s gym’!! Now there’s nothing wrong with grunting, provided you don’t grunt walking down the street – now that would be weird! There’s obviously nothing wrong with sweating either – it’s a […]

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Lindsay is 8 years younger after just 4 weeks of training!

Lindsay is a woman in her 30s and it’s fair to say that she was a bit sceptical of me and my training methods when we first met! After all, why would you trust a Fitness Trainer who you’ve never met before?! Why would you believe them when they say they can get some great […]

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Why your 20-minute gym workouts DON’T work…

You want to lose body fat, right? We all do and that includes me! I’m never happy with my current body fat and I’m always thinking of ways to do something about it. Is it the same for you? You feel like you’re never at your ideal weight and you could lose an inch or […]

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