Month: August 2015

The dangers of jogging – this could save your life…

As a nation, we’re keen joggers and we strive to get fit for the Great North Run and London Marathon. But it’s with sadness that just this week, a prominent Toronto Lawyer died of a heart attack while out jogging and even worse, last month, Miles Frost, a 31-year-old Brit, died while out for a […]

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Can I tempt you at all?

Exercising is a chore, right? Well, for some it probably is! For others, it’s more like a personal challenge! Exercising can be boring though, can’t it? I mean, doing the same thing every day or every other day. Popping down to the local gym to get your 60 minutes of cardio or heading on down […]

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My 3 Tips To Lose Weight Successfully…

I’ll keep this simple today because I know you’re busy and you probably want me to get straight to the point! So, here goes… Here are my top 3 tips to help you lose weight and lose it successfully – that is, not lose it then put it back on within weeks when you return […]

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I had a car crash but what’s that got to do with your health?

Yesterday wasn’t a great day for me but I’m fairly philosophical about it really. I reckon I’m a good driver and my ‘No Claims Bonus’ backs this up! I avoid texting at the wheel, I don’t shave while driving and I think I’m courteous to other motorists. So… Yesterday, I was involved in a car […]

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