Month: September 2015

Is Everything OK?

I haven’t heard from you recently. I’m not even sure if you’re still reading my blogs!! I know I’m still sending them but even I hit those times when things aren’t great and I go quiet. You know those times – the car breaks down, money is tight, the roof starts to leak, work gets […]

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Does your gym hide the truth about exercise?

Gyms…you love them or hate them. I know a lot of people and it’s a split camp. Some people rave about their gym – you know, as if they own it! Seriously though, some people love the gym and I can see why. It (usually) provides brand new equipment, lots of equipment choice, clean changing […]

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A 5-Star Service…You could be writing this stuff very soon

Should we blow our own trumpet? Whatever you do in life – your work, the way you bring up your kids, the food you make… If you do a good job, why shouldn’t you give yourself a big pat on the back? You deserve it after all. You put in the effort, you work hard, […]

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Healthy Ice Cream???

I’m guessing you like ice cream? I don’t know many people who don’t but unfortunately it’s not great for your tummy or hips!! Go to the cinema and it has to be Ben & Jerry’s! I could eat a whole tub of the stuff! Pop to the supermarket freezers and there you have a vast […]

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If you want a flat tummy, avoid doing this right now…

If you really want a flat tummy and want to lose inches around your waist, you MUST not do SitUps or Crunches. They are a complete waste of time! There, I said it and maybe you think I’m talking rubbish. But let’s face it, how many SitUps or Crunches do you think it would take […]

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