Month: November 2015

So is Cheryl Fernandez-Versini too thin?

X-Factor judge Cheryl Fernandez-Versini (or Cheryl Cole as we know her better), is changing. According to Lord Sugar (or Alan Sugar as we know him better) has expressed his views about Cheryl. Hmmm, is Lord Sugar suddenly an expert on giving opinions of other celebrities?! Anyway, he reckons “Cheryl is now too thin.” He took […]

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£900 on Black Friday – Is she insane?

It’s Friday 27th November 2015 but this is no ordinary Friday. This is BLACK Friday! Apparently, it’s an American thing! I guess it follows the Halloween tradition and many other traditions we copy from the other side of the pond. Black Friday is a day where people go absolutely berserk and start fighting each other […]

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Eat these 7 things and you’re asking for trouble…

Preservatives, colours, gelling agents, sweeteners, flavourings, emulsifiers, anti-caking agents. A pretty impressive list, eh? How about KitKats, Bisto gravy, Birds’ Eye curry, Heinz Ketchup? Are they more familiar? But what are they and why am I mentioning them? Well, you’re probably eating most (if not all) of them in your diet! Do you even know […]

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Is this one of the healthiest nutrients on the planet?

As I write this, I’ve just finished eating my porridge but then I’m not too choosy when I have my porridge, it’s sometimes 3.30 in the afternoon!! I don’t have ‘normal’ porridge though – it’s more like a ceremony preparing it and then it takes about 15 minutes to eat! Why? Well, when you have […]

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Are you having trouble with your ‘bingo wings’?

I hear the phrase ‘bingo wings’ a lot. Women often talk about their ‘bingo wings’ but what are they referring to? At first, I didn’t know what they were but a lot of the women in my classes kept mentioning them. Surely, it had nothing to do with bingo! ‘Bingo wings’ (or, as described by […]

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