Month: January 2016

Do this ONE THING daily to improve your health…

Let’s face it, we’re exposed to a huge amount of toxins on a daily basis. Environmental toxins (exhaust fumes, smoke from factory chimneys, air pollution etc). The toxins that line canned food products (beans, soups, rice pudding etc). The pesticides that are sprayed liberally on plant-based foods (your fruit and vegetables). The chemicals in moisturisers, […]

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Weight training to lose weight – seriously?!

Happy New Year! Yes I know it’s already the 5th day of January and before we know it, we will be breaking our New Year’s Resolutions soon enough!!! Of course not – we have set goals and ambitions for 2016, haven’t we?! What is your BIG goal for 2016? I’m talking health and fitness goal […]

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