Month: May 2016

Eating more of this food could boost your health…

Do you like honey? It has been described as “liquid gold” by many people because of its many health properties. Yes, you also get the people who say you should avoid it because it’s basically sugar! These are the same people who tell you not to eat fats and consume a low-fat diet! Talking of […]

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My 12-Minute ‘Trick’ Blasts Your Fat Away…

What if I told you that you could start to melt away your body fat in just 12 minutes, three times a week? Would you want to know about it? I definitely would. In fact, I was asked a similar question a couple of years ago. It wasn’t 12 minutes but 20 minutes (I think). […]

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The dangers of jogging – this could save your life…

As a nation, we’re keen joggers and we strive to get fit for the Great North Run and London Marathon. But it’s with sadness that just a couple of weeks ago, an Army captain died of a suspected heart attack while running the London Marathon. Army captain David Seath was only three miles from the […]

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