Fitness Training In The Office

Fitness Training In The Office

Is open to both males and females of all current fitness abilities, and includes a mix of body weight exercises, Pilates, boxing, kettlebells and resistance bands. FREE trial session available then pay monthly if you decide to continue. Prices based on number of attendees.

I’ve been working with Sharpe Recruitment since February 2012 and they have achieved so many benefits.

Here what they have to say about office fitness by clicking the link here: Video



  • Improve the health and wellbeing of your workforce
  • Reduce employee sickness time
  • Get fit in your own office so no need to travel to a gym
  • You decide if you want a 30 or 40-minute session so it won’t eat into your work time too much
  • Improve your muscular and core strength, heart health and lung capacity
  • You will get advice on healthy eating
  • Many of  the workouts are available on video so that you can repeat the exercises at home
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