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To be skinny or not to be skinny, that is the question?


This week has thrust the fitness industry well and truly into the spotlight with the controversy of a misplaced banner. Why was it so controversial? Well, it featured two images of women (in animated format may I add, not real photos). One image was (let’s say) ‘larger’ than the other, signifying an overweight person and [...]

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Would you like a body like Cameron Diaz? Here’s how…

weight training for women

Weight training for women? Surely lifting weights is more for brawny men in their small vests, looking attentively into a large mirror?! Apparently not though… Here’s a recent article that seems to buck the trend: The article talks about famous females (such as Cameron Diaz) lifting weights in their bid to get stronger, fitter [...]

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The women in my group classes are second to none…

Come and join us

On my way to my class one evening last week, my car broke down in Gateshead – at a busy junction, at a busy time of the day – nightmare scenario!! I won’t go into the details of the fault but there were only 20 minutes to the start of my class! At times like [...]

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Why not join likeminded women to get fit?


I’m sure you know by now that I’m a Personal and Group Fitness Trainer – I hope so anyway! However, I’m not your normal trainer, which is why I don’t try to sell you stuff all of the time or instruct you to come to my bootcamp (I don’t run bootcamps by the way!) or [...]

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Does your gym hide the truth about exercise?

gym 2

Gyms…you love them or hate them. I know a lot of people and it’s a split camp. Some people rave about their gym – you know, as if they own it! Seriously though, some people love the gym and I can see why. It (usually) provides brand new equipment, lots of equipment choice, clean changing [...]

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