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Would you buy from these guys?

Every now and then I do my parents a favour. Well, it’s only fair as they brought me up to be a very nice, intelligent person, ha! It’s generally my mother who asks for the favours as she’s the talkative one! Anyway, as they don’t own a computer (yet), she asked me to bring my [...]

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With your permission, I’d like to tell you about my plans…

change ahead

I’m changing the way I run my business. Phew, got that statement out quickly! There comes a time when you just have to review what you do and come up with new plans – both for the sake of the business owner (me) and (more importantly) the customer. There’s no doubt that I need to [...]

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Can you help me today please?


I’m after a favour today!! I was wondering if you could help me with something. I asked my email subscribers this question and got lots of good suggestions so I was wondering if you could help me too? Now you know I help women with their health and fitness goals? Well, I want to create [...]

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How To Build Trust

It’s Friday morning and I’m working from home. The phone rings. I answer but there is silence – at least for a few seconds. Then on comes a voice and it’s straight into “Hello Mr Edgar, how are you? Have you considered installing new windows recently or maybe your kitchen is falling apart and you [...]

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My Top 10 Tips To Be A Healthy Successful Business Women

1. It’s never an easy place to start but these are the stark facts about women’s health, taken from The Foresight Report ‘Tackling Obesities: Future Choices’: 28% of women in the UK are obese (2010) with a further 32% classified as overweight having a Body Mass Index (BMI) greater than 25. Projections indicate 50% of adult [...]

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