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I seriously thought about jacking it all in…


I don’t often do this but then I thought ‘why not’ because I’m a genuine person and I’m not some trainer hiding behind a persona. I’m a real person and I have real feelings. Oh, I could just send out information on nutrition and exercise all the time but that would be boring for one, [...]

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I woke up with a pain in my butt and two cuts on my head…


Sunday morning just gone, and I woke up as normal – my head at a strange angle to my body, one leg sticking out of the bed sheets and my iPod still playing with the headphones around my neck!! Now, on Saturday night, when I went to bed, everything was fine. No aches, no pains, [...]

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Would you like a back massage at work?


A couple of people have told me recently that they didn’t realise I did massage. They haven’t seen anything on my website or social media about it. It’s something I don’t really advertise but I am a qualified Massage Therapist and have been for a long time now. I’m qualified to teach Sports Massage, Body [...]

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