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Are You A Woman Over 50? 5 things you can do now to avoid Osteoporosis…


There are 206 of them in the adult body and if we could actually see our bones, we’d probably take better care of them. I hear a lot of women I train talking about daily skin care routines, using moisturisers, face masks and make up. Yet weak bones can have much more impact on your [...]

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The 3 things you NEED to do to lose body fat…


You see people like this in the gym, well actually on the treadmill and stationary bikes. They enter the ‘Fat Burning Zone’! Is it some sort of fat cell abduction where you feel a stone lighter after an hour on the treadmill or bike?! Well, sort of, but I’m being a little facetious! There is [...]

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BOOST Your Metabolism 300% just by doing these 3 things…

boost metabolism

What if I told you that by implementing 3 simple strategies could boost your metabolism by 300%, would you apply them? Maybe that’s a rhetorical question! I guess it depends how easy or difficult it would be. Let me start with a simple question – have you ever been on a diet? A diet where [...]

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More and more women are using kettlebells…


Have you heard of kettlebells? That might sound like an obvious question! You may have heard of them but do you know much about them? To keep it brief, there are many benefits of using kettlebells as part of a fitness routine. Just look at these benefits: Using kettlebells will help to improve your FUNCTIONAL [...]

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The dangers of jogging – this could save your life…


As a nation, we’re keen joggers and we strive to get fit for the Great North Run and London Marathon. But it’s with sadness that just a couple of weeks ago, an Army captain died of a suspected heart attack while running the London Marathon. Army captain David Seath was only three miles from the [...]

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