Paul Edgar

Hello, I'm Paul Edgar, an experienced Personal and Group Fitness Trainer based in the North East of England.

In over 23 years, I have worked with thousands of women and, as I specialise in working with women who are currently overweight and unfit, I know what works for them. Many women, who I've worked with, have achieved life changing results. I have many testimonials to prove that my methods work effectively.

Amy says...
“Super chuffed! Since starting weight training with Paul Edgar, I have lost 3lb in weight, 2% body fat, 4cm off my waist and reduced my metabolic age by 5 years. Not bad for 15 days of work. Highly recommended ladies.”
What Amy achieved just a few weeks into the Programme...
* Lost 4 lbs in weight and 2% body fat
* Lost a total of 6cm from her waist and hips
* Was lifting much heavier weights and was much stronger than when she started
* Reduced her metabolic age by 5 years!