Success Stories


Amy Zapalski

Amy says…

“Super chuffed! Since starting weight training with Paul Edgar, I have lost 3lb in weight, 2% body fat, 4cm off my waist and reduced my metabolic age by 5 years. Not bad for 15 days of work. Highly recommended ladies.”

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Chloe Hall

Chloe says…

“I signed up for Paul’s 4-week Weight Training Challenge in October 2015, unsure of what to expect and whether I’d be any good. Little did I know I’d be instantly hooked, going to classes sometimes 4 or 5 times a week.”

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Gemma Souter

Gemma says…

“I completed the Weight Training Challenge in February 2015 and noticed a big difference in how much weight I could lift by the end of it. Since then, I’ve lost 3% body fat; lost almost a stone in weight and increased my muscle mass.”

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Jenny Welsh

Jenny says…

“At my size, I never thought I’d find myself happily lifting weights or confidently swinging Kettlebells but that’s what I’ve spent most nights doing this year so far. Everyone at the gym is welcoming, supportive and encouraging and it’s now somewhere I want to be.”

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Jessica Edwards

Jessica says…

“Just a little post to thank Paul for all of his help and enthusiasm on the 28-Day Weight Training Challenge. I have finished feeling miles better about myself, with a better attitude to exercise and best of all much improved eating habits.”

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Karolina Hejnar

Karolina says…

“Just completed the 28-Day Weight Training Challenge and I have to say it was brilliant. Paul is a professional who will show you right techniques and encourage you to make a change.”

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Kate Watson

Kate says…

“Been coming three months now – think this is the longest I’ve ever stuck at anything! Loving the variation – every session Paul manages to throw in something different and keeps giving us new challenges. There’s definitely something for everyone!”

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Lauren Credland

Lauren says…

“I’ve always been an on/off gym goer but for the first time I can honestly say I look forward to going to the gym. It’s not only for the exercise but getting to train with a really good group of women.”

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Lindsay Styran

Lindsay says…

“I was in one of Paul’s first group of women in his Weight Training Challenge. The environment was relaxed and friendly. The other women were great and motivating. We always trained hard and laughed a lot. I still enjoy training with Paul today.”

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Michelle Corbett

Michelle says…

“Fab couple of classes at Body and Mind Fitness Company with Paul Edgar. Any lasses out there wanting to tone up, lose a bit of weight, feel better and stronger about themselves; give this a go.”

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Rose - Prize 2

Rose says…

“I have been attending Paul’s classes on a regular basis for just over 6 months. I have always exercised regularly and wasn’t necessarily looking to lose weight but I did want to tone up, get stronger and have fun, which I have! I have seen a huge difference in my core strength, upper body strength and flexibility.”

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