10 Good Reasons Why Women Should Lift Weights…

strength training womenYou may have guessed by now that I’m a big fan of promoting strength training.

NOT weight loss – that’s yesterday’s news.

NOT counting calories – that’s just too difficult to maintain.

NOT taking slimming pills or shakes – that’s just not sustainable for your body – and dangerous too.

Strength training for women has taken off in a big way. Women are now lifting weights to improve their fitness and overall wellbeing.

But why are women lifting weights and why do I endorse it?

Well, I can give you 10 good reasons, which I’ll tell you about in a minute.

I’ve trained around 45 women in 2015 so far – around 12 per group. It’s how I like it – small groups promote better results (in my opinion).

I plan to train 12 each month so that will be 144 women in 2015. That’s my target anyway.

You may be asking “But why should I lift weights? What’s in it for me?”

Well, I think women’s weight training will replace visiting slimming clubs as the number one solution women turn to when wanting change.

I mean slimming clubs will only ever measure your weight – they will NEVER measure the important factors such as body fat, waist and hips. I know because I’ve been to a slimming club meeting.

I train women who may not lose ANY weight in 4 weeks. WHAT???? Am I just revealing myself as a fraud in the fitness industry?

Not at all.

You see, one woman I weighed last night, didn’t lose any weight at all. That’s right, nothing for all her hard work.

BUT then I told her she had lost 2.5% body fat, gained 4 lbs of muscle and was 4cm slimmer around her waist – in just 2 weeks or so.

She was delighted but if she had been standing on the scales at a slimming club, she would have felt deflated.

That is the important stuff – not how much you weigh.

Anyway, back to the 10 good reasons why women should lift weights (courtesy of caloriesecrets.net and as listed on their website):

1. Strong bones
2. Weight management
3. Reducing injury risk
4. Tone up
5. Manage chronic conditions
6. Perform better
7. Feel stronger
8. Improved balance
9. Better blood glucose control
10. A healthier heart

To read the full report, here’s the link: http://www.caloriesecrets.net/10-benefits-of-strength-training-for-women/

If you’re now itching to start lifting weights, it just so happens that I run programmes!!

My next 28-Day Weight Training Challenge starts on 19th October. Are you in?

Here’s the link for more details and to register: WEIGHT TRAINING CHALLENGE