10 Sneaky things that are making people FAT…

Sneaky Things Making You FatSometimes I like to get straight to the point – I know it’s a risky strategy but you don’t get to be good at what you do by beating around the bush!

There’s no point in me having a headline that reads ’10 Sneaky things that are possibly making people put on a little extra weight’, as it wouldn’t catch your attention.

Oh and I know some of my topics could hit a nerve with some people – that’s what they’re meant to do. I want people to take notice.

The fact is, I always try to help you. I mean, I’ve been a fitness professional for over 20 years now and I must know a thing or two – right?!

I want you to be healthier and fitter. That’s my job!

Whether you attend my group classes, work with me on a personal level or just read my emails, blogs and newsletters, I still want to help you.

So today, courtesy of T Nation, I want you to have a quick read of their latest blog post. Yes, I guess I AM promoting another business but that’s ok. When I think other trainers have valid points then I’m happy to let people read their stuff.

Back to ’10 Sneaky things that are making people FAT…’ – have a look through and some of this may resonate with you. It may help you identify what’s been happening in your life.

Pay particular attention to Number 4! I am a MASSIVE fan of weight training and I think it is the BEST form of exercise going.

Anyway, have a read by clicking the article –> HERE and come back when you’ve read it.

So…build muscle!!

It just so happens that I train women to lift weights – isn’t that a coincidence?! And in 2 weeks time, you could be part of the weight training revolution that is here to stay.

Women should lift weights – there is NO reason why they shouldn’t. You will only benefit from building muscle – and you WON’T bulk up like a bodybuilder!

My next 28-Day Weight Training Challenge starts on 19th October. To register, or just to find out more about it, just click this link (it’s perfectly safe to click by the way): WEIGHT TRAINING CHALLENGE


Ps/ I only have 12 places available for this so it’s on a first come, first served basis.