10 Top Health Tips to keep you regular!

Oh, have I lowered the tone today?!digestive system

Not really. Let’s be honest, being ‘regular’ is the best way to be. You know what I’m saying – constipation is not a great thing is it?

Our toilet habits are not usually the hot topic of conversation in the pub, are they? But, it is SO important to think about it and try to keep regular.

I’d say that we should be going to the toilet (to eliminate waste) at least once every day. If it’s 3 or 4 days for you then there’s something not quite right. I mean, what’s happening with all that food you’re eating?

Let’s be open about it for the good of your health. An efficient digestive system is absolutely CRUCIAL to good health. If you’re bunged up, you’re more likely to develop illnesses of the gut in the future. IBS, stomach cramps, acid reflux and many more. Worse than that though, news of stomach cancer is very scary indeed.

So, what can you do to help you stay regular?

Here are my 10 top health tips to avoid constipation:

  1. Drink lots of spring or filtered water (at least 8 cups, preferably more, per day)
  2. Eat more than 25 grams of fibre per day for women (38 grams per day for men)
  3. Exercise effectively (it improves gastric movements)
  4. Avoid caffeine (it can have a strong dehydrating effect)
  5. Take a top quality probiotic
  6. Eat fermented foods (such as Greek yogurt)
  7. Eat smaller meals
  8. Don’t eat too close to bedtime (try to eat 2-3 hours before, as this will help you sleep better)
  9. Eliminate artificial sweeteners (such as Aspartame)
  10. Avoid carbonated drinks

Sticking to these 10 top tips, you should start going to the toilet regularly and you may have other benefits too such as improved energy levels, better skin quality, more hydrated etc. It means your food is being digested much more efficiently.

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