The 2 things that will fail you when it comes to your health…

excusesA very interesting quote I came across today from a respected coach:

“There are only 2 things that will fail you when it comes to having the body and health of your dreams:

1/ Lack of action (ie. not training).

2/ Lack of consistent action (ie. training but not often enough because ‘life’ gets in the way).”

I totally believe this.

The first point of not actually doing any form of exercise will mean you end up putting on weight, feeling sluggish, lacking energy and a whole host of other things.

Of course, you have to find activities that you enjoy, otherwise there’s no point in doing something that is boring or is too difficult.

If you sit down all day, don’t be surprised to find the weight creeping up. We’re not designed to sit!

The second point of not being consistent is dependant on your lifestyle of course. I know, I know – you have a very busy life!! You have kids to look after, a partner to feed, shopping to do, a house to tidy, a stressful job, etc, etc.

Me too. I have lots of ‘life’ things going on.

But do you know what? We put our health at the bottom of the priority list. It’s true.


Why do we do this? Why do we make excuses not to keep fit and stay healthy?

It’s madness!

I could write a book on the different excuses people come up with that puts their fitness at number 10 on a list of 10!!

The thing is, when we’re ill, we HAVE to make time to get better. When we’re well, we DON’T make time to stay well. Then the doctor tells us we HAVE to rest!!

I created a fitness studio environment so women could put their health first! The studio can be the one place where you have personal time, which you can devote to yourself.

Plus, it’s a place where other like-minded women hang out. Women with the same mindset as you. Women with the same issues as you.

The relationships you can build can become some of the relationships you value most in your life.

The studio can be the place where you can put the stressors of life away and just have some fun before it’s time to go back to work again, or to your family.

Doesn’t it make sense to put the excuses away and prioritise your health?

Come along and meet women in the SAME situation as you.

Don’t pay me a penny either!!!

That’s right. Just pop in for a coffee or have a look around the place. Sign up for a free one week’s trial of my classes. No obligation!!

Sound fair?

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