Why your 20-minute gym workouts DON’T work…

Muscle WomanYou want to lose body fat, right? We all do and that includes me!

I’m never happy with my current body fat and I’m always thinking of ways to do something about it.

Is it the same for you? You feel like you’re never at your ideal weight and you could lose an inch or two around your waist and hips? A lot of women I train tell me this so it’s first hand information!!

So, how can you lose that excess body fat? You could go to the gym and run for 20 minutes on the treadmill? Or maybe have a go on the rowing machine for 20 minutes. Or maybe the gym instructor will tell you to “Do 10 minutes on each cardio machine”?

If you do any of those and you’re STILL not losing body fat, something isn’t quite right is it? There’s something you’re NOT doing.

I mean, how long have you been going to the gym now? 3 months? 6 months? A year? Have your results changed at all?

You see…20-minute gym workouts just DON’T work!

When you do your 20-minute ‘cardio’ workouts at a steady pace, this tells your body to make and store more fat so you’ll have something to burn during the next workout because you use fat during the workout.

This is why so many people get frustrated when they don’t see results after months of spending hours in the gym.

So what should you do instead?

Firstly, forget about those 20-minute cardio workouts. To burn fat, all you need is a minimum of 12 minutes and no more than 20 minutes per workout performing short intense exertion periods.

Intensity and post-workout effects are the keys to fat burning.

This is what is called HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). Performing HIIT workouts triggers an ‘after burn’. This happens when your body burns fat after you stop exercising.

You’ll continue to burn fat up to a full day after you finish each session. WOW! This is largely due to the boost your metabolism gets from your training. Because your body needs extra calories to repair muscles, replenish energy stores and restore your body to homeostasis, you continue to burn calories (and fat) long after your workout is over.

After a few months, your body stops storing fat because it simply doesn’t need it.

Turning up the intensity after each interval and keeping your workouts short will take the fat off.

So, I recommend that you try my SHORT workouts for the next 7 days, along with my 7-Day Weight Loss Kick-start meal plan.

Here’s your workout plan.

It’s a 4-exercise bodyweight workout (no need for any equipment).

The 4 exercises are:


Squat Jumps

Ab Tucks

High Knees

Perform each exercise for 25 seconds then rest for 5 seconds. It will take you just 2 minutes to complete one round.

Just adjust the exercises for your fitness level and ability but do try to push yourself a bit.

Here’s the workout video for you to follow: WORKOUT

Remember to warm up before attempting this. For an effective Warm Up, here’s my Warm Up video – you don’t need to do the whole lot: WARM UP VIDEO

Day 1 – perform the workout for 2 minutes (that’s just 1 Round).

Day 2 – perform the workout for 4 minutes (that’s 2 Rounds).

Day 3 – perform the workout for 8 minutes (that’s 4 Rounds).

Day 4 – Rest.

Day 5 – perform the workout for 8 minutes (that’s 4 Rounds).

Day 6 – perform the workout for 12 minutes (that’s 6 Rounds).

Day 7 – perform the workout for 12 minutes (that’s 6 Rounds).

Now, exercise is important BUT you must get your eating right or your results will be nowhere near as good if your diet doesn’t change.

So, as a bonus, I’m giving you the opportunity to try my 7-Day Weight Loss Kick-start meal plan for just £10. This will sit nicely alongside the workout plan.

In just 7 days, you’ll notice a MASSIVE difference to your health and fitness as well as your energy levels.

Here’s the link for my 7-Day Weight Loss Kick-start meal plan: MEAL PLAN

Remember, it’s ONLY £10 and I rarely charge you for my stuff!!

Good luck and let me know how you get on!