My 5 Prevention tips for dealing with weight loss…

scalesIt is December, isn’t it? I mean, already!

I can’t believe it’s 12 months ago that I was wishing you a Happy Christmas!

Of course the run-up to Christmas is manic with loads of shopping to do, partying, kids plays etc.

There’s little time to think about your own health.

I know what usually happens – you just put your health on hold until January when you ‘say’ you’re going to take action and join a gym/slimming club/fitness class* (* delete as appropriate)!

You may do but by March, it’s back to square one!

In my local group classes, I always emphasise that your health and fitness is your number one priority – it comes second to nothing!

2015 will be your year to lose weight though, I just know it!

So today I want to give you my 5 tips for successful weight loss. These are quite basic but sometimes, basic is what it takes. You don’t need to over-complicate things.

Here are my 5 prevention tips…

1. Eliminate the white menace: white flour and sugar. Avoid white bread and pasta as much as you can as it has no nutritional value – the fibre has been stripped out. Sugar is in almost every processed meal including baked beans and canned soups.

2. Eliminate hydrogenated fats. These type of fats are the real killers, not saturated fats like you’ve been told in the media. You’ll find these in takeaway food and packaged meals.

3. Eat protein every day for breakfast (eggs, natural yogurt, nuts, protein shake etc). This will ensure a slow energy release for the few hours ahead rather than a sugar rush followed by a crash.

4. Walk at least 30 minutes a day and exercise progressively. Walking is great, especially if you have a dog! Brisk walking is better for your heart and lungs. Exercise is crucial – don’t avoid exercise as you’ll regret later in life. You need strong muscles, joints and bones. However, forget about constantly jogging on a treadmill or lifting very light weights.

5. Don’t eat 3 hours before bed. I’ve been guilty of eating before bed and did I suffer?! If you can, try to avoid eating really late as your digestive system will be in full operation when it is supposed to be relaxed.

There you have it – simple tips which will give your body a kickstart to healthy weight loss. There are other things you can do such as drink more water, and have a healthy diet – remember the 80/20 rule. Eat healthy, natural foods 80% of the time and relax a bit for the remaining 20%.

Ps/ NEVER go on a diet to lose weight – you WILL gain the weight and more when you return to normal eating. If you want to know more, especially in joining an exercise class, get in touch for my classes based in Newcastle.

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