A 5-Star Service…You could be writing this stuff very soon

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Should we blow our own trumpet?

Whatever you do in life – your work, the way you bring up your kids, the food you make…

If you do a good job, why shouldn’t you give yourself a big pat on the back?

You deserve it after all. You put in the effort, you work hard, you do a good job, you reward yourself.

It’s the same for me!

I work hard in my fitness business. I strive to provide you with relevant, entertaining information that will help you with your health and fitness.

Sometimes I may get it wrong and someone will pull me up on that but my intention is always to put the customer first.

I write my own emails, blog posts, newsletters, social media posts – I do not copy any other trainer. I’m unique!!

Do you know why I’m unique?

Well, there is no other fitness trainer in the North East who concentrates solely on women’s fitness, in particular women’s weight training.

I have a file full to the brim of women who have attended my 28-Day Weight Training Challenge in 2015. I need a new, thicker file, ha!!

Today, I just wanted to let you know what some of those women think of me and my service!!

By the way, I haven’t cherry-picked these and left the bad reviews out – that would be sneaky and I’m not sneaky – I have no reason to be.

So, have a read of the reviews and you can judge for yourself if I’m worth a punt!


Ps/ Oh, if you are interested in my next 28-Day Challenge, here’s the link:


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