50 Shades…What’s next for the women of our nation?!

50 ShadesLast weekend was a little bit special for many women.

It was the weekend many women across the land had been waiting a long time for.

It was eagerly anticipated.

No, I’m not talking about the Six Nations rugby!!

Of course, I’m talking about 50 Shades!!!

I’ve heard different reports about it – some women thought it was erotic and exciting. Some women couldn’t stop the tears rolling down their cheeks through laughing!

I haven’t seen it (I’m a man so I wouldn’t admit to seeing it anyway!).

The point of the whole thing though is that every now and then, something comes along that takes the nation by storm.

We get lots of new trends that are then followed by many people. I just wish I had the forethought of E L James though and I would be on some Caribbean Island right now!

So, what’s next for the nation? What is the next ‘big’ thing?!

For women, it has to be weight training. Of course I would say that because I train women to lift weights.

But it’s true. Take a look at some recent articles:



Take inspiration from Katy Brinkley, who just wanted to lose weight but then found that lifting weights was FAR BETTER than doing traditional cardio (running on the treadmill, using the Stepper etc).

Building more muscle will in turn burn more body fat so it makes sense to incorporate weight training into your fitness regime.

If you’re interested in women’s weight training, get in touch. My latest 28-Day programme started yesterday (there is still room for 1 or 2 more women if you’re quick) or let me know if you want your name down for the next one in March.

Here’s the link for the current programme: 28-DAY WEIGHT TRAINING CHALLENGE