My 6 Golden rules for a flat stomach…

Everyone wants a flat stomach, right? Well I know I do. I mean, why would I want a beer belly even at 50?!

Hey, if you’re happy with a beer belly, I’m not saying anything against it. It’s just that I prefer not to have one and I’m guessing that as you get older, you get concerned about your waist too – am I right?

It’s a little different between the sexes of course. A beer belly is traditionally associated with men. May be women tend to put the excess weight on around their hips. Though that’s not set in stone.

You probably wake up some mornings, look in the mirror and get a bit disillusioned because the weight is creeping onto your waist and hips. It can get you down – I know it can – it even happens to me.

I’ve always dreamed of having those chiselled 6-pack abs but I’m a realist and I know that may never happen. But, being a Personal Trainer, I have to find solutions – for myself and for my clients.

Over the years, I’ve found certain ‘solutions’ to be fraud! That’s right, they just DO NOT work. BUT, and here’s the crucial point, we spend a fortune on gadgets, diets and suction devises (!) to try to get rid of the belly.

Sadly, they don’t work. Here are my top 6 FAILS when it comes to losing belly fat:

1. Don’t waste your time doing abdominal crunches and situps – the priority should be to reduce your overall body fat not just concentrate on these exercises. Doing metabolic exercises will help you achieve this.

2. Avoid dieting and diet pills altogether – you may lose weight and belly fat in the short term but you will gain it back (95% of people do).

3. Don’t buy gadgets for abdominals such as those ab rollers and ab suction things – they are a waste of money. I mean, seriously – ab suction devices?!!

4. Avoid ‘bad’ foods, i.e. obesity additives – you’ll find them in most processed foods, ketchups, salad dressings, sauces, cakes, biscuits etc. They will kill your efforts to lose belly fat.

5. Eat ‘good’ foods 80-90% of the time, i.e. fresh, natural foods, wholegrains, fruit, vegetables, lean cuts of meat, fish, nuts, seeds, healthy oils, legumes, natural yogurt, eggs, dark chocolate, organic nut butters, coconut milk, tubers etc. They will HELP you burn belly fat.

6. Exercise correctly and progressively and avoid long endurance cardio if you can. I’m afraid jogging on the road or treadmill at the same pace every day WILL NOT get results. In fact, you will probably GAIN belly fat.

There you have it – my 6 top tips in your quest to tackle the belly fat. As always, any questions, just ask me on how to implement some of the REAL solutions to get REAL results.

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