Are you actually happy right now?

happyI’m happy right now. You know, when someone asks you “How are you?” and you reply “I’m feeling great, thanks.” They are lost for words!

It’s funny isn’t it? People just expect you to say “I’m not too bad” or “Oh, I’m feeling a little under the weather”. Why, why, why?

What’s wrong with feeling good? It applies especially as you get past 40 or 50. People don’t expect you to feel good.

My home town is Blaydon and when I visit the town centre, all I can hear is talk about who is ill, who has died or what tablets people are taking! It depresses me!

Then you see people huddled in doorways smoking – while vigorously coughing and spluttering! Why DO they still smoke??

Oh, and I forgot the local Greggs store, sweet stalls and cake shops!

My question is therefore: Are our town centres unhealthy places to hang out? I’d answer with a big YES.

So, I’m feeling happy and it will continue – as long as I strive (yes, strive) to keep eating well, keep exercising progressively (just exercising isn’t enough anymore) and making the healthy choices 80-90% of the time.

You owe it to yourself and to your family.