It’s All About You and the Results You Can Achieve

Weight Loss ResultsYou may have picked up by now that I work with women over 25. I’ve been a fitness professional for over 18 years now, running my own business for the last 3 years.

I decided to work with women over 25 as 99% of my client base fitted that market anyway so it made sense to provide a personal and group fitness solution to help them achieve their goals, whether those goals are weight loss, fat loss, improved fitness levels, more energy, better eating habits etc.

Every woman I work with, who follows my 7-step approach to health and fitness, has achieved positive results, most life-changing. Plus, it’s not only about their results, but the knock-on effect it has on their friends and family. Families are then eating healthier, supporting one another, spurring each other on to exercise and keep active. It is great to see. I am just the catalyst that achieves this end result.

The majority of women I work with NEVER return to their bad eating habits. They now realise that their new life is fantastic and is actually not too difficult to sustain. Eating healthy foods becomes a way of life. Exercising for only 12 minutes three times a week is very easy to fit into a busy schedule, especially those with kids and hectic jobs. The ‘I’m too busy’ excuse is no longer relevant.

You see, I don’t believe in diets. 95% of diets never work in the long-term. How often have you been on a diet only to pile the weight back on – and more – once you return to normal eating? The old yo-yo effect.

I don’t know about you but I couldn’t be bothered about whether it’s a green or red day, or if I’m having 5 syns or 200 calories of fat. Why go to the hassle of weighing food? The whole diet industry frustrates me.

What can you do instead then?

Make a list of all food items that are healthy. Then, make a list of all food items that are unhealthy. You now have two lists. When you next go to the supermarket, or local market, choose 90-95% of the foods from the healthy list and 5-10% of the foods from the unhealthy list, and make these your treat foods. This works perfectly for a healthy, sustainable lifestyle. No dieting ever again.

To make a real difference to your health, try a 5-week detox cutting out the allergy-type food groups such as wheat, gluten, dairy, sugar, caffeine and alcohol. Replace all of these with alternatives. You will notice a massive difference to your health. Then do the 90-10 principle (or 80-20 if that works better).

Look at these results. This is a client who has just completed my 5-week detox and exercise programme. Bearing in mind, she wasn’t too much overweight to start with.

  • 7lbs weight loss and 2.3% body fat reduction;
  • Increased water intake;
  • Over 3 inches from her waist and hips;
  • Slower resting heart rate meaning more efficient heart and lungs;
  • Quicker recovery from activity;
  • Improved BMI;
  • Stronger in upper body and improved flexibility;
  • Better overall fitness;
  • Metabolically younger by over 6 years!

People will notice a difference in you. You deserve it. Do you want these results?

Luckily, I have already written healthy and unhealthy food lists, meal plans and recipe books so you don’t have to. Follow my plan and similar, or better, results will be yours.

Paul Edgar, Personal and Group Fitness Trainer