We all have a friend who does this…

Do you have a friend who is constantly on a diet? Or maybe involved with the latest fitness craze?fitness craze

Although I’m a male (yes, it’s true!), I do have a friend like this. He has tried the Atkins Diet, joined the gym, and eaten lettuce for a day (well, maybe not quite JUST lettuce).

Then do you know what?

They constantly talk about it.

“Ah, this new Atkins Diet is brilliant; I’ve lost 7 lbs in just 3 days.”

“The gym is just FANTASTIC. I love it. The machines are brand new and it’s so easy to exercise using them.”

“Ah, that Iceberg Lettuce was so fresh and mouth-watering.” (Really??)

On and on they go.

As a good friend, I obviously become a good listener. But I’m also a realist.

What do I mean?

In my experience with a friend like this, they very quickly change their opinions, their habits and their actions because they become BORED with their new ‘thing’.

After 2 weeks, they start to put weight back on. They get fed up of going to the gym. They get sick of eating the same lettuce (2 days and I would be sick of it!).

What happens?

They often turn to comfort foods, stop exercising or throw out the lettuce! Their initial weight loss results plateau and they feel down about it all.

My advice therefore is: Don’t be like your friend – be YOURSELF and follow my advice in my blog posts.

DO NOT diet, find an exercise programme that SUITS YOU and fits into your lifestyle and eat lettuce (if you want to) but accompany it with lean protein (chicken, fish etc), green vegetables and water.

Make these lifetime habits, not just phases. You never get long-term results by following the latest diet or fitness craze. Do something 21 times and it becomes a habit. Make it a healthy habit.