Another satisfied customer doing my Weight Training Challenge…

weight training for women 9Here’s a comment from one of the women currently doing my 28-Day Weight Training Challenge.

“Week two of the 28 Day Weight Training Challenge complete. Really enjoying it and I would highly recommend giving it a go. It’s ladies only sessions in Ouseburn. I feel stronger, healthier and I have more energy and focus. Any ladies interested please contact Paul Edgar or get in touch with me direct if you have any questions.”

It’s nice to receive a comment like this.

But I’m just the instigator!

These women are doing it – taking action to change the way they look and feel and are reaping the rewards.

Some of these women have tried most things from soup diets to slimming clubs to attending gyms. Nothing has worked for them so they turned to me to help them.

I decided to offer weight training as a totally new way to get results.

Ignore the myths around women lifting weights – you will NOT bulk up and look ‘all muscular’! Of course, you will look more toned, improve your shape and feel better.

Lifting weights will make you stronger and fitter. You will also improve your heart health too – you are using large muscle groups so the blood flow will improve increasing the efficiency of your heart and lungs.

Remember, these results have been achieved after just 2 weeks!!

My previous weight training group had life-changing results!


They were eating MORE food than ever before – they were just eating the right foods at the right times in the right amounts.

So, my question to you is simple…

Would you like results like these? If you do, that’s great but you have to take action.

My next 28-Day Weight Training Challenge starts on Monday 16th March.

If you’re interested, here’s the link for more details (and to register): WEIGHT TRAINING CHALLENGE