Are you part of this ‘Dry January’?

Hmmm, here is another media challenge for you. This one is called ‘Dry January’. It’s an attempt to make you stay sober for 31 dry januarydays as part of your New Year kickstart.

We have these challenges throughout the year. There is Movember, Comic Relief, Children In Need and so on.

My question is ‘Do you really need the media to tell you what to do?’

If you want to stay sober (or dry) then just decide to do it – yourself. If you want to give up sugar for a week, then give it up. If you want to get fit, then make arrangements to start an exercise programme.

Yes it takes focus, motivation and dedication. But you CAN do it and you don’t need the media to tell you to do it.

Try answering these questions…

  1. What are my current struggles (e.g. weight, body image, lack of confidence etc)?
  2. Why am I having these issues (e.g. bad habits, upbringing, lack of motivation, don’t know who to turn to for advice etc)?
  3. How do I want to see myself in 5 weeks time, 6 months time, 12 months time?
  4. Can I dedicate 3 days a week to start an exercise programme – you only need 12 minutes per workout at this point?

That’s a start for you. Write down your answers and take action.

Ps/ You really don’t need the media to tell you to change your life for the better – do it anyway.