The BEST fruit for weight loss and you can even eat them before bed…

cherriesAs a child, do you remember your mother telling you to chew your food and eat slowly?

It seemed like I was at the dinner table for hours!!

When it came to tough cuts of meat, I think I could have spent half a day there, chewing away.

[Here’s a little secret I didn’t tell my parents – I used to hide some of my food in a tissue, pretending I’d eaten it – oops!]

Chewing my food slowly was a habit I got used to doing over the years and I still take time when eating a meal.

So, when it comes to weight loss, it’s important to chew your food thoroughly.


Well, it allows your brain to sense that you’re full, instead of scoffing a load of food down your throat only to find you’re hungry again an hour later.

When it comes to snacking, there is a fruit that beats the rest to help with this.


You can’t just grab a handful of cherries and indulge like you can with grapes or raspberries. You have to eat around the pit forcing you to eat them slowly. This means your satiation sensors prevent you from overindulging.

Portion control is essential when it comes to successfully losing weight and eating cherries is a great choice.

Another reason for choosing cherries is its very low glycemic index (GI) rating. It is the lowest of all fruits and one of the lowest of all carbohydrates. That means your blood sugar response is minimal so your blood sugar won’t be raised too much.

Eating high GI foods in the evening has a serious knock-on effect with your blood sugar and insulin levels. Too much insulin means fat storage. Bad news if you’re wanting to lose weight.

So, my suggestion for a late night snack when you feel the urge, is to reach for a bowl of cherries!

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