BOOST Your Metabolism 300% just by doing these 3 things…

diet-2What if I told you that by implementing 3 simple strategies could boost your metabolism by 300%, would you apply them?

Maybe that’s a rhetorical question!

I guess it depends how easy or difficult it would be.

Let me start with a simple question – have you ever been on a diet? A diet where you drastically reduced your calorie intake and lived on salads?

If you have, then I’m sure you lost weight – am I right? And that weight loss made you feel great?


The feeling was short-lived because after a few days/weeks, when you returned to normal eating, the weight piled back on? And that weight gain made you feel awful?

It’s a typical scenario so you’re not alone.

I’ve even dieted!!! That’s right, I’ve cut my calories too but it wasn’t pleasant. I was hungry most of the time and started to crave sweet things.

Dieting never works in the long term.

Here’s my next question – do you sit a lot? I mean, driving your car? Sitting at work? Sitting on the sofa watching TV?

I think I know the answer to that one! We all sit too much. I mean, watching the full Star Wars trilogy means you’re sitting for days at a time!!!!

This is a modern day problem and our body is not accustomed to sitting for long periods of time. We need to be active. Do you think our ancestors were sitting down a lot? No, they were running from danger and hunting for food!

Here’s my third (and final) question – do you eat wholegrains, i.e. bread, pasta, cereal etc?

I’m sure you do in some form.

Now I’ve already written about bread (my last email/blog post). We rely on wholegrains a lot! We have toast or cereal for breakfast, a sandwich for lunch and pasta for evening meal. That’s a lot of wholegrains.

Why is this dangerous?

Well, we are talking sugar, salt, gluten, preservatives, emulsifiers, treatment agents and so on. I mean, do you ever notice these things in the ingredients list?!

Even wholemeal bread and pasta isn’t great.

So, there you have my 3 issues: Dieting, inactivity and wholegrains.

Remember I said that by implementing 3 simple strategies, you could boost your metabolism by 300%?

Here are my strategies!

  1. Rather than dieting, change your eating to a more natural diet, eating only fresh, one-ingredient foods. Avoiding processed or packaged foods, cutting down on sugar, eating more free range or organic foods, using spices in your dishes (cumin, paprika, chilli, coriander etc), eating more healthy fats (avocado, nuts, seeds, coconut oil, egg yolks, oily fish), eating more healthy lean protein (chicken, fish, eggs, Feta cheese, Goats cheese, beans, lentils), eating more green leafy vegetables (kale, spinach, cabbage). Don’t cut your calories to less than 1200 cals per day.
  2. Exercise!!!! If you sit a lot, you need to counteract that by getting more active BUT avoid constant jogging or lifting light weights. Instead, do some sprinting (obviously to your fitness levels), lift moderate to heavy weights, do some metabolic interval training (12 minutes a day is all you need).
  3. Eat more protein to replace your wholegrains. If you want to eat healthy wholegrains, go for quinoa, buckwheat and brown rice. If you want bread, go for rye bread or make your own.

That’s it – my 3 simple strategies that will help you to boost your metabolism by 300%!

If you want help with any of them, get in touch.

In the meantime though, here are some useful links to help you along.

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