Brussels Sprouts – Do you love them or hate them?

Here’s a question I posted on Facebook recently: “Tis the season for sprouts! One of my favourite vegetables. Do you love or hate them?”

Surprisingly, around 75% of answers were pro-sprout and only 25% against the blighters! I think it depends what you do with them – apart from grabbing three and juggling with them! I’m talking about making tasty, varied dishes with them. I’m happy to just steam them and serve with butter – along with some turkey and lots of other green vegetables. Oh and gravy – I always struggle with gravy. I mean, the packaged gravy is awful and usually full of additives. My partner made some lovely gravy this week – coconut oil, cornflour, a stock cube and water (I think that was it). Do you have any ideas on homemade gravy?

I’ve posted a simple recipe for Brussels Sprouts below – it looks so simple but appetising.

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Brussels sprouts with chestnut and sage butter

Brussels SproutsCourtesy of

Here’s a simple way¬† to prepare and cook good old Brussels Sprouts! It’s so simple, I will make it myself this week.

Click HERE for the recipe or click on the photo above.