Busy, busy, busy…all you need is 12 minutes!

Are you busy?

I know I am. In fact, most of us are busy in today’s world.

Isn’t being busy good? Not when it comes to your exercise habits. You see, if you are BUSY, then you don’t have TIME to exercise.

Do you ever say: “Oh, I haven’t got any time to exercise, I’m far too busy with the kids, with work, with my friends…”? I know I’ve said that a few times.

I thought about it and trying to fit in hours of exercise every week is almost IMPOSSIBLE – for most busy people. 2 hours in the gym is just not possible.

I decided to do something about it – in my business anyway.

I created the 12-minute workout! 12 minutes…ha, I know! With a warm up before and a little stretch after, it’s about 20 minutes of your day. Plus, my 12-minute workouts are designed for the home so no more going to the gym and no more excuses about time (or lack of it).

Really, just 12 minutes? Will that get you results?

YES! It’s what I do in my own workouts. Yes, I occasionally go to the gym to lift heavy weights BUT my main workouts are ALL just 12 minutes.

I recently did a free, online challenge using my 12-minute workouts and the results were INCREDIBLE. Women lost weight, lost inches from their waist and hips, toned up, felt more energetic and lots more. They combined my workouts with my eating plan and achieved some life changing results. Wow – would you be interested in that?!

Of course, you’re too busy for the gym.

Why not take a look at some of my 12-minute workouts (I even have 1-minute workouts!!!). I have them on my YouTube channel and here’s the link:


If you see a 1-minute video, then you just repeat the exercises to total 12 minutes.