Call me crazy but…

weight training for womenCall me crazy but I’m a little surprised more women haven’t taken me up on this:


If you really want to make that change with your health and fitness, this is the opportunity to do so.

This is the ideal way to get there.

Forget about dieting, forget about joining a gym, forget about jogging long distances in the midst of dark, cold winter evenings.

They all have their place I guess but none of them get you real, long term weight and fat loss results.

What really gets you long term results is lifting weights and eating the right foods, in the right amounts, at the right time of day.

With my 28-Day Weight Training Challenge (which starts on Monday 16th February), I will teach you how to lift weights properly, which will build your strength, shape your body and burn body fat so you will notice a massive difference.

Look at these comments after just 2 weeks of my current programme:

“Super chuffed! Since starting weight training on 12th January with Paul Edgar, I have lost 3lb in weight, 2% body fat, 4cm off my waist and reduced my metabolic age by 5 years. Not bad for 15 days of work. Highly recommended ladies.” (Amy Z).

“Weight training with Paul Edgar rocks!! Dropped 6lb, 2% body fat and 4+ years off my metabolic age…in two weeks!!!” (Nikki A).

“2 weeks into a 4 week Weight Training Challenge, lost 5lbs and 5% body fat, boom! Feeling happy.” (Fiona D).

That’s after 2 weeks – imagine the results after 4 weeks!!

These women (and 11 others) decided to change their life and they signed up to my programme in January. They don’t regret that decision because they can now eat what they want, when they want and will never worry about counting calories ever again!


If you want to join women like these, just click on the following link to register for my next programme, starting on 16th February.


This is not expensive either – for less than the cost of a cup of coffee a day, you’ll be changing your life.

You’ll also be added to a private Facebook group where you can exchange recipes, motivate other women and get massive inspiration (value of this is priceless).

So DO IT NOW, before your place is taken by someone else 🙂