Can we eat to starve cancer?

detoxThat’s a pretty bold question and one I probably need to be careful with. Now, before I begin, I’m not a medical professional so I’m not about to give a speech on cancer or its prevention.

BUT…I am a health and fitness professional and I’m always on the lookout for breaking news, recent research studies and the most effective treatments available to help you live a healthy life.

If you read my last email or blog, I talked about cancer. I mentioned that my sister was diagnosed back in the 80s. Happily, she made a full recovery. I also mentioned in the ‘ps’ that I would talk about what you can include in your diet to decrease your risk of getting cancer considerably.

Have you heard of TED Talks? You can catch them on YouTube. They are series of talks by professionals in lots of different businesses and fields and they are meant to give insights and new ways of thinking to help you live a better life.

A few days ago I watched a TED Talk on Angiogenesis, titled “Can we eat to starve cancer?” If you want to watch it, here is the YouTube link:

Angiogenesis is based on the process that our bodies use to grow blood vessels. There are 60,000 miles worth of blood vessels in a typical adult!! The smallest blood vessels are called capillaries and we have over 19 billion of those!! Capillaries are the vessels of life but also the vessels of death. Sorry to be grim here but it’s VERY IMPORTANT when we talk about tumours and cancer.

When Angiogenesis is out of balance, it can lead to a myriad of diseases including cancer. Angiogenesis is a hallmark of cancer – EVERY type of cancer. But without a blood supply, most cancers will not become dangerous.

William Li talks about how Antiangiogenic Therapy can help to cut off the blood supply to cancer cells. Basically, we’re treating cancer too late in the game. Could the answer be to prevent Angiogenesis? Could what we eat help to prevent cancer?

So what are the natural foods that could help? Here’s a shortened list…green tea, berries, oranges, grapefruit, red grapes, red wine (hooray!), ginseng, turmeric, pumpkin, tuna, garlic, tomatoes, olive oil, dark chocolate. To get the full list, go to 13:00 on the video, which is here:

So, for diseases like cancer, there may be a great power in attacking the common denominator, Angiogenesis. Eat more of the foods above and give yourself the best chance to prevent cancer or other diseases.

Luckily, you can download my eating plan for free, which gives you a FULL food list which will help you when you go shopping. To download my healthy food list, click HEALTHY FOODS