Can food really heal you?

natural-foodsAm I right in thinking that when you are ill, you call your doctor?

Maybe it depends what the condition actually is but if it’s more than a cold, you tend to call or visit your local surgery.

Now I do think the NHS is good for certain things – emergency care, walk-in centres for example. I do have an issue with other services.

Here’s the scenario…

You don’t feel well. You give it a few hours or even a day but you are no better.

So you call your doctor’s surgery. The receptionist wants to know your symptoms and how you feel before making an appointment!

You don’t really want to tell the receptionist so you insist on an appointment as soon as possible.

The next available appointment however, is in 9 days! 9 days to wait with this mystery illness of yours?

You’re not happy with that but they do offer you the opportunity of getting a cancellation by phoning them first thing each morning.

Anyway, you have your appointment but the doctor can’t pinpoint exactly what’s wrong so you have blood tests. The doctor also suggests an Ultrasound.

You have to arrange another appointment for both – let’s say another 5 days.

Then you have to wait 10 days for the results!

Meanwhile, you are still in pain and suffering.

10 days pass but no call from your doctor. In fact, you have to call them! You’re told that everything is fine!

However, you are still in pain and suffering.

Now what? They arrange for you to see a Specialist. Another 10 days to wait.

You have your appointment with your Specialist but nothing untoward is found.

But you are still in pain.

At this point, you decide to take the matter into your own hands and find the solution yourself.

You decide on a change in your diet – a big change, not just cutting out coffee or alcohol. I’m talking cutting out dairy, wheat, gluten, sugar and processed foods.

No takeaways either.

Have I gone mad? I mean, what’s left to eat? What enjoyment would you get by not eating any of these anymore?

Can food really heal you?

Eating raw, natural, organic, one-ingredient wholesome foods?

Could eating these natural foods really help your body to heal itself? I have to say that I do believe that you are what you eat and that food can really be your healer – NOT drugs!

I don’t believe that your doctor can help you in most situations – I’m talking from personal experience here. When I had a chest infection, any amount of ‘Specialists’ couldn’t find anything wrong – they suggested steroids in the end!

No steroids for me, thank you. I went away and healed myself.

So, what sort of foods am I talking about?

Let’s start with these…

• All vegetables
• All fruits
• Nuts – in their natural state
• Coconut oil, coconut milk and coconut flour
• Sweet potatoes
• Flax seed
• Chickpeas and mung beans
• Chia seeds (a powerful healer)
• Avocados
• Non-dairy chocolate
• Oily fish
• Lean chicken and turkey
• Brown or basmati rice
• Gluten-free oats
• Spices and herbs

That’s a great start.

If you’re an inventive cook, you can really use these ingredients to make some fantastic tasting dishes. I regularly post updates on Social Media with inventive ideas for snacks and main meals.

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I hope this helps you to really start to think about what you eat and how it will affect your health.