Can you help me today please?

womens-fitnessI’m after a favour today!!

I was wondering if you could help me with something. Now you know I help women with their health and fitness goals? Well, I want to improve. I want to improve your results, improve the service and support I offer, the eating plans I create and more.

I’ve already decided that my current studio was too small and that was holding me back. I’ll be moving to a new place on 8th June. It’s a stone’s throw away from my current studio in Newcastle.

I’ve now got a regular women’s weight training programme, which takes place every 28 or 35 days.

I’ve invented new menus and recipes to help you with your food choices.

I’ve recorded more videos to help you when I’m not there in person.

BUT…It’s just not enough. Feedback tells me that some of my eating plans are a ‘one size fits all’ and that some women want a specific plan to suit them.

So before you commit to any of my services, I’m now going to offer you the chance to chat about your personal situation and we can come up with a personal plan that will work for you.

That way, you’re much more likely to stick with a new regime and get better results.

It would also help me to understand what you specifically want for your health and fitness. Could you take just 2 minutes to answer some simple questions?

I know you’re pushed for time but it will really help me to help you.

1. What is your number one issue when it comes to your health and fitness – what worries you the most?
2. What is your main fitness aim – Weight loss? Fat loss? To be stronger? To be fitter? To get fit for the Great North Run? That sort of thing.
3. Would you consider coming to one of my group classes? If not, what would put you off?
4. Would you consider hiring a Personal Trainer? If not, what would put you off?
5. What else would really help you?

That’s it!