Can I tempt you at all?

20150821_104204-1-1Exercising is a chore, right?

Well, for some it probably is!

For others, it’s more like a personal challenge!

Exercising can be boring though, can’t it? I mean, doing the same thing every day or every other day.

Popping down to the local gym to get your 60 minutes of cardio or heading on down to the park to do the bootcamp class!

Suggesting to someone that they need to exercise can strike the fear of God into them! It’s a whole lifestyle change after all.

It takes a LOT of effort!

You have to try to make exercise fun if you can. Obviously it’s going to be tough at times but you need that fun element too.

I’ve been exercising most of my life, certainly one of the few that actually enjoyed PE at school!!

When I left school, I continued to exercise and I joined a gym at 18. Ok, one of the reasons I joined was the fact that there were some hot girls in there, ha!! I was 18 remember!

I lifted weights, played football, went swimming, you name it.

I discovered that I became very fit and strong and it felt great. I was very healthy too and seemed to dodge the cold and flu viruses at the time.

I’m now 48 (I know, I bet you don’t believe that!!) and I still life weights and play football. Why should I stop now? Why would I want to stop now when I know there are a hundred reasons for me to carry on?

Just look at some of the reasons why exercise is great for you:

• Improves your wellbeing (psychologically and physiologically)
• Improves your blood pressure
• Improves your fat oxidation (you burn body fat more efficiently)
• Reduces your risk of cardiovascular heart disease
• Increases your energy levels
• Increases your strength and muscle tone
• Improves your bone density
• Improves your joint mobility
• Increases your resting metabolic rate (you burn more calories daily)
• Improves the functionality of your cardio system (circulation/blood flow)
• Improves your lymph system (eliminating toxins from your body)
• Better skin/nail quality
• Sharpens your eyesight
• Improves your mood
• Better blood glucose control (less risk of diabetes)
• Reduction of severity of comorbidities (improved health)
• You look better in your clothes
• You can keep up with your kids/grandchildren
• Improves your quality of life
• May extend your lifespan (at least you’ll be more active when you get older)

Wow!! An impressive list, eh?


What do you think about exercise? Are you apprehensive about joining a gym or local classes? Do you think you’ll be the oldest/biggest/least fit there?

I know it can be daunting and that’s the main reason why I’ve created a place where women (of any age and ability) can go and feel welcome. A place where women just like you are changing their lives.

My fitness studio is (as you’ve guessed) for women only – no men (apart from me)!!

You’ll feel comfortable there because everyone is friendly and says hello. I even offer tea and coffee!!!

There are also chill-out places where you can sit and enjoy the sun (ha!).

Right now, I’m offering you the chance to sample the place – for FREE!!

Come along, see the place, meet some of the women. Take part in some of my classes. Then, if you like it, we can talk about your fitness goals.

This could be your best chance to get back into exercise and maybe change your life for the better.

Book your FREE trial today.

Just contact me on 07990 583034 or email and just say you’re ready to change your life.

You can also register by clicking on the following link: WOMEN’S FITNESS